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Good morning, I hope to see you all today!

Started by DacianFalx, July 12, 2008, 05:36:11 AM

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Here it is, folks!
Faire is upon us... I hope to see all/most of you today and to help make your first day of our new faire merrier because of it.
Myself and my small band of mummers will be upon the shire, with a Trunke Show of "St. George and the Dragon" at 3:30pm at the Minstrel stage... come laugh and play with us! (Shameless plugging is fun and easy!)

Love to you all,

a.k.a. John Riddle, book-holder/mummer.
Those who say a certain something cannot be done, shouldn't interrupt those doing it.

Lord Finger

Huzzah! Here's to a grand opening full of fun and mischief!

Marie the Ditchwitch

Ahhhh...twas most lovely to see you this weekend! You certainly gave it your all in the impromptu St George in the rain in front of my booth! I would have thought,once you took off your hat,if you had kept upturned face into the rain, you would most assuredly drowned! ;)
As it were, I was holding onto a bag of ginger for you, but the moment my back was turned, you had washed down the lane! :P