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Weapon Policy Question

Started by Drake Starsong, May 21, 2008, 01:11:08 PM

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Lasy year I got eyeballed pretty heavily by security just for carrying in my 6 foot staff. No metal on it at all, just a plain white ash staff. I thought that was  a bit needlessly over-zealous, and I'm glad that they're thinking of relaxing the policy a little. Unfortunately, this is the first year I'll be missing Sterling in 16 years, as I am in Western Afghanistan for a year dealing with weapons a bit more sophisticated than a wooden staff. I'll be hoovering on the site to get my fix of Faire events, so I hope you guys would be so kind as to be fairly thorough in your review of how things are going under the new owners. My wife informs me that there are some new acts, and that some of the old standards are not back this year. Hopefully that will all turn out for the best.


Hey tc!  The weapon policy seems to be relaxed a bit. I don't know if they would allow 'crossbows' though.
Faire is great!
Best to you while in the wayward shores and thank you for what you are doing over there!
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Thanks for your support, Irish. Its always good to hear kind words from folks back home . Unfortunately I am limited in my ability to view pics of the new Faire on my limited internet ability, and as you can imagine, the amount of grass, trees, etc over here is very limited. I haven't seen rain since the beginning of April. I'm looking forward to sitting under a tree at Sterling gnawing on a turkey leg and sipping an adult beverage. Oh, they had "turkey legs" in Kabul, but they looked like their previous owners had  been on the Richard Simmons diet plan before they were led off to slaughter...nowhere near as plump and juicy as the Faire variety! The adult beverages were limited to NA versions of the stuff back home.