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Second Weekend

Started by Falkman, July 22, 2008, 02:06:19 AM

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This past weekend at the RenFest was fantastic and was exhausting. I got soaked on Sunday but the weather was good enough for me to see some stuff. Here is the line-up for both days. This is ust stuff that I seen mind you.

Saturday 19th.
Opening Ceremonies
Danny Lord
Merry Mischief
Rafferty The Piper (bought a CD of his)
Jim Hancock

All of these performers were fantastic and did impress me. Merry Mischief always delivers as well as Jim Hancock. Danny Lord was hilarious!! And Rafferty the Piper was excellent. Good stuff.

Sunday the 20th
Opening Ceremonies (took place under the shade canopies)
Zilch The Toryseller (hilarious!!!)
Emerys Fleet
Isaac Fawkes

All of these guys were hilarious. Isaac Fawkes and Zilch are newbies to Sterling and they fit in well. They were just hilarious!! Emerys was great to see and hilarious as well. I did get soaked on Sunday but I did have a good time.

All in all I had a great time this past weekend and amd looking forward to this upcoming weekend. I already have plans laid for Saturday. Sunday I am not sure what I am going to see so we shall see.

Well that is going to do it for me right now. Until next time everyone take care and stay safe!!!


Excellent review ... we will have to try to catch some of this on Saturday when we are up. Typically we can be found in or very near the pub  ;D
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