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A Big Thank You

Started by Kaladan McAllister, July 15, 2008, 08:55:16 PM

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Kaladan McAllister

I must say that the feel of the Faire is so much better than that of the past few years.  I must offer a great big Thank You to Sir Douglas of Waterbury for giving us our "home" back after so many years of uncertainty.  While there may be some things that people do not like about certain things...IE- Armed Security,  I know that in this day and age safety is a big concern for all.  I have had the pleasure of being able to talk with Sir Douglas and find him to be a man who will listen and talk with you about what has transpired at Faire since he bought it and he will let you know of the things to come.  The excitement in the air can lift up your spirits of the many great days of Faire left in this year and stirs hopes of years to come.  Once Again, Sir Douglas, Thank You for bringing us "HOME".

Kaladan McAllister
Constable of the Dunke
Her Majesties Royal Carriage Steed


I second the thank you.  Although I first went to Sterling only last year...there have been many excellent improvements and I had a wonderful time on opening weekend (even during the rain on Sunday).


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Lady Amy of York

Well said ! I also want to thank Sir Douglas and Gary Izzo ( spelling ?)  and the rest of the staff for  keeping Sterling going, and for bringing the spirit of  the faire back where it belongs. Huzzah  to you all !
Lady Amy of York/CaptainAmy of FeistyLady pirateship
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For the first time in three years, I actually felt at ease! There wasn't that sense of 'doom', hanging over the shire and it was nice, to say the least.
Many thanks to the new owner, the acting staff, the artisans, musicians and whoever I may forget to mention, for making the faire 'home', again!
I wish Sir Douglas great success on his new 'voyage' and hope he keeps Sterling the way it is now........peaceful, fun and most of all......the feeling of being, home!
irish  ;D
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Elinor Hakebourne

HUZZAH! Glad to hear these positive thoughts! I can't wait to be there myself!