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Help creating character

Started by BGB303, January 14, 2014, 04:59:33 AM

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New to the forum and am in the process of creating my character and was wondering if I couldn't get some help... I have most items for an elven ranger but am having issues finding a tunic and or tabard of sorts. I tried attaching a couple pics for an idea of what I am looking for but I cant figure out how to do so. Every other forum I've used has a different layout. Anyway I cant seem to find anything like what I'm looking for anywhere and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions? If someone can walk me through how to post an image that would prob give a lot more weight to my post lol.


Do you only need help with Garb?
Under Garbing there is a section for either help sewing your own garb, or another for help finding a reputable site that sells quality garb.
Do you need help with a name? There are links here under Create a Character for that.
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I would look at your search engine's images for "elven ranger" or "elf ranger" and see if your idea becomes sharper in your mind :)

Happy hunting!
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