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How would I develop a fantasy character more?

Started by elthefairy, May 26, 2014, 04:38:21 PM

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I was thinking of being a dragon caretaker, who's also a changeling at the same time (taken and raised by mythical creature, I'm going for fairies). I'm going to cary a small crocheted dragon around, wear dragon pocket watch, ect., so I'll look the part, but how would I go about developing the character and acting the part. I can't really do much research about characters like this because they don't exist. Could I have some help?


See if you can find any character-development tools geared toward players of D&D or various LARPs... there are also some great character "surveys" out there -- this one has been a favorite of mine for years -- that ask question after question about your character's past and personality that may spark ideas to help you flesh things out.



It looks like you're all set. Just make up where you're from and your persona and you're good to go! Nice character by the way  :)
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Quote from: Aderin on June 02, 2014, 03:38:41 PM
It looks like you're all set. Just make up where you're from and your persona and you're good to go! Nice character by the way  :)



A few questions and they will be what you should know BEFORE using that character guide.

Q1) What is a dragon caretaker?
1a) Why does a dragon need a caretaker?
1b) Are dragons short or long lived.
1c) Are Dragons intelligent.

This question changes everything else. If Dragons are intelligent and long lived (as D&D posits they are) Why would they need a short lived mammal to care take them. A coexistence like a egg warmer? Because of their heightened Magical (lets not go into psionics) talents do they develop a (p)maternal bond with the warm blooded creature?

2) What is a changeling?

This question I have no idea, cause a changeling to me is a metamorph, but you might mean something different.

3) Does your species, or adopted parents give you a special ability to Caretake Dragons or is it unique?

Easy out here. Either you are a rare species that is predispositioned to being a caretaker, or your adopted parents are a long line of caretakers and you just took up the mantle or... you are completely unique, it was a special event that caused you to be thrust into the mantle of Caretaker.

Remember that "Caretaker" is not a job, it is a responsibility.

Or here is another angle...

"Caretaker" is a fancy word for the person that walks behind the dragons in the parade....with a cart and shovel.


From a DnD perspective I would play your character as a mid/high level shapeshifter that prefers the form of Fey or Succubus. If you know anything about shapeshifters they are very cunning and deceptive and use thier ability to change form as an advantage against thier victoms. It would be very feasible that in the treasures of one of your victoms you found a dragon egg, and with quite a bit of effort and time expenditure you have finally managed to hatch the egg into a young dragon. What you thought would be a boon to your existance has now become your bane. You realize as your young dragon matures it becomes more and more rebellious. The one peculiar thing you notice about your dragon. Whenever you are in more populated areas he behaves, probably because he feels safer staying close to you during these times. So now you find yourself stopping in every little town, carivan, and faire along your travels just to keep him in check.