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After Hours Masquerade Ball on Festival Friday


Ser Niall:
I was just looking at the events and theme weekends for this year's festival, and I noticed this event on Festival Friday.  I don't remember seeing this event in the past, but it could be that I have just overlooked it before.  Has anyone been to this ball and can tell me what it's like?  Do people wear their usual faire garb?

I think this is the third or fourth year of it, and I believe the attire has been listed as "formal" on their fb page in the past.  However, I've never been to it myself.

Ser Niall:
Unfortunately the Facebook page and website doesn't seem to have much info on it.  Wonder if it's "renaissance formal" or "mundane formal."  Hoping it's the former  ;D

Renaissance formal I believe it said. Because that was my main reason for not going-I only have peasant class right now. And the info came up closer to the date of the ball last year.


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