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For Rome

Started by Leonardo, August 04, 2014, 09:14:19 PM

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For Rome

I pick up my armor, the battle to begin,
For Rome we will fight, for Rome we will win.
No man can stand up to our Emperor's might,
For Rome we will win, for Rome we will fight.

We march to the battle, the men full of cheer,
Tomorrow is coming and victory is near.
We set up camp with the slow setting sun,
When the battle is over, we'll surely have won.

We wake the next day, ready to attack,
But we no sooner get there 'til we're forced to move back.
Fore in the air was a terrible sight,
Thousands of arrows already in flight.

Our men are wounded, many are dead,
I should run and hide, but I fight instead.
The arrows come down like rain from the sky,
For Rome I will fight, for Rome I will die.