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Countdown to KCRF 2014?

Started by Tamtaro, October 22, 2013, 03:15:18 PM

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Merlin the Elder

I keep telling her to cheer up....such a gloomy Gus.... :D
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Mini Faire is tonight.  I'm not going.  I AM planning on going to Media Night NEXT Thursday (the 21st).


Anyone going to Media Party next week, be sure to hang around and catch my band, Bubble & Squeak, performing sometime between 6 and 7 p.m.!
It's finally becoming real to me that faire is happening in two weeks. I'll get my first taste of the performer life the first weekend...the band is tight and ready to get Canterbury dancing! I cannot wait to go home.  ;D


This is the first year in many that I will miss the media party - boooo! :'(
But two weeks will go by fast!! ;D  You can do eeet, Bubble & Squeak!!


Media Party TONIGHT!  Will definitely catch Bubble and Squeak!

We're having a bit of a heat wave in KC; the heat index is supposed to be in the triple digits for some of this event (ambiant temp predicted to be 96).  I'm going in mundanes; I don't think this is a garbed event.

The REAL faire starts the weekend after next, Labor Day Weekend!


Counting it down.  I even found my long lost R/F pin! to try and find the wife's again.

Crossing my fingers for tolerable temperatures.


Crossing them right there with you!


Both R/F pins found.  Bags packed.  Load out tonight for wheels up at dark thirty tomorrow morning.  Saturday is Irish Fest and then sleeping in before hitting the faire.  Our goal is to shut it down Sunday so we'll roll in close to lunch.  Monday we are skipping the garb so the ladies don't have to try and find a place to change afterwards and can be more comfortable rolling home.


One more sleep to go!  That is if I can fall asleep - can't wait to hit the road!  It looks like it will be a sweaty day. Thank goodness for the shady trees of Canterbury and for the first ice cream crepe of the season. ;D I hope everyone has a great time this weekend!!


Here's a link to my pictures from the first Saturday of the 2014 season (and a few other seasons as well).  Are you in any of them?
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