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The First Five Weeks...

Started by BubbleWright, September 01, 2014, 03:13:23 PM

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The first five weekends of the faire have now passed. I was a bit apprehensive about the PaRenFaire this year since the venue has changed from Queen Elizabeth I to her father as a young Henry VIII. There were some who were so upset about the loss of Good Queen Bess that they vowed never to return to the Shire. Pity, for it is their great loss. Ryan McVeigh, who has been on cast in previous years, has seized the reigns of power with talent and authority. Supported by a cast of veterans and newcomers, Henry is a vibrant monarch, already wise for his years. What has always amazed me over the years is that PARF has assembled singing groups from among the cast, which in many cases the members have never met, to form a cohesive whole that rocks the house. My favorite this year is the group JOYFUL NOYSE, composed of Thomas Tallis (Nathan Miller), Majorie Goodlefe (Christina Cola), Diane de Poitiers (Jules Schrader), Jean de Dinteville (Nathaniel Barber), and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey (Taylor Sorrell). Their madrigal singing is perfectly executed, amazingly entertaining as they move effortlessly around the stage and into the audience, and at times, tongue in cheek funny. It is worth going to all of their shows since each is different. As always, there is as much going on in the lanes as there is on the stages. The street bits are fun and not forced. The Shire itself has had many improvements and new construction. So come to the Faire and be entertained, amazed, and most of all, immersed in another time free of your mundane worries and cares.
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Thanks for the run down of your first 5 weeks.  I will not be able to make it to your Shire this year, but plan to visit at least once (and I hope more) in 2015.  I also want to attend a full weekend as one day is just not enough to see and do everything.  So I will begin my planning once the 2015 themed weekends are announced.



I just moved to PA a few months ago and I visited your fair for the first time on opening weekend. 
I am 7 months pregnant, my husband work hours doesn't allow him to come (and we just moved here so I know no one) therefore I was hopping to meet people at the fair but sadly not many people came opening day. At my home fair EVERYONE comes on opening day rain or shine which I was told is not the case here. The lanes were so empty of people and the few that were there were not rennies like me so I was stop many time asking where things are because (since I was in grab) they thought I work at the fair, even the venders thought I was cast. 
I hope to visit again this season and get to meet more of you.



This is not my home faire, so I cannot comment on what you experienced.  Where are you in PA?  We have 3 more weekends at the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival in West Newton.  It's a smaller faire with friendly rennie types.



The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival looks like fun. I am 4 hours away from it and sadly I cant make it this year but I will make sure to visit next year.


Up until recently the PARF used to open the season on Labor Day weekend and it would be very busy/crowded. I think it was last year that it was changed to early August. I went the second week this season (time travelers) and it was still a bit light. From my past experience it seems that Labor Day weekend, and any cooler not rainy weekends are the best for crowds and Rennies at the faire.