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Wolf's Cry: Short Story

Started by Lady Donegan, May 10, 2008, 04:23:25 PM

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Lady Donegan

There once was a young man who wanted all the pleasures life could offer, thus he set out in search for them.  Days turned to weeks and then months, all the while he filled himself with wine, women and song.  However it was all for naught, although it did make him forget his troubles he could not enlighten the dark empty places within.

He stopped in a small town to rest, after traveling for so long all the towns and villages looked the same and this seemed to be no exception until, he saw her sitting on the fountain's edge playing with her reflection.  Her long auburn hair set off her white luminous skin.  He stood frozen as not to disturb the moment, but it was too late she had sensed his presence and slowly raised her head and met his eyes.  The young man was struck dumb he had never seen eyes glow that way, it was almost unnatural, it frighten and yet held him captivated.
"Good day," her voice was as soft as a child's sigh.  He finally managed to return the greeting and asked her name
"Nemi," she said simply.

Nemi was quite taken by him as well, he was not like any man she had known. His eyes were as night yet they held a warm tenderness.  He was of average height, slender, strong, and yet gentle.  He spoke very much in a whisper and once he became comfortable around her he took up a more bold and roguish candor, but was ever mindful that he was with a lady.
Nemi's Father however, saw it very differently as he kept watch from a window.  He told her to stay away from the young man, that it would only lead to trouble.

Despite her father's protest she continued to see the young man in secret.  They would go off into the wood, share words of youthful promise and kisses sweet and full of passion.  It was the happiest time in both their lives, those once dark empty places were now a blaze with the purest of joys. . .each other!
"Whatever happens, wherever we go I want us to stay as happy as we are now," Nemi wished.
"You needn't worry my love for we shall always be, as long as we are together."

She then sat up, stroked and gently pressed her lips on his cheek "But what if I can not keep up with you?"
"Then I shall carry you the rest of the way, even to the ends of the earth."

On a warm summer evening they met, kissing long and holding each other close.  Then out of the darkness approached men from the village led by Nemi's father.  He was furious, "What have you done?" his voice cracked like thunder.  "Noble sir, my feelings for your daughter are strong and I would do anything to make her happy!  She has touched my heart in ways I could describe, and it is for this reason that I want her to be by my side always."

Her father had heard enough, he pointed to the young man and said, "I curse you boy, may you always wander in sorrow!"  In that moment Nemi disappeared into thin air.  The young man desperately called out to her, but there was only silence.  Then a brilliant white orb filled the sky, and a voice came from it saying "I am here, I am here!"
"NOOOOOOO!" The young man's grief and anger was such that he began to howl from the shear unbearable pain as it over took him and changed him into a wolf!

The moon eased his pain by saying, "The love I have for you shall reflect and light the dark paths you wander."
"And I shall carry you to the ends of the earth!" cried the wolf.

To this day the two lovers still make and keep that vow.

The End

Kendra The Seamaid
Maevous O'Connell
Fox McShane Cursed Crew (Ship's Pilot)


What a lovely way to portray how werewolves became


Great story! It could be a little longer because it reads so well and so quick. Nice job!