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Started by mary, July 27, 2008, 10:07:45 PM

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the very air breathes green
-gentle sweeps of sweet grass

mazes of dark pens
creep to the craggy steeps
-patches of lichen on sweaty grey

the clumps of stone ruins
castles, abbeys, dove-cotes
are slimy with mold, musty closeness

vast, sun-dappled forests
tall trunks dripping ivy
-barky masses sunk deep in cool moss

varied sand rock fringes
-roiling swell of the sea...

So many worlds, so much to do ~
So little done, such things to be!

Lord Tennyson


Very nice, lass!  I especially like the image - "barky masses sunk deep in cool moss."  Thank ye for sharing yer art!

"It's not the gold that sets our sails, 'tis freedom and the promise of a better life that raises our black flags."


As beautiful as the Isle itself!
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Rani Zemirah

Very evocative... like breathing in an atmosphere of timeless antiquity. Lovely piece! Thanks for sharing...
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