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Renaissance Festival Podcast #226
« on: January 03, 2015, 03:59:46 AM »

Music From

“Lucy Cassidy” by Clandestine from The Ale Is Dear

“Inesheer Air/Scarce’s Tatties/Black Nag” by Empty Hats from Greatest Hats


“Lily the Pink” by  Brobdingnagian Bards from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

“Drowsing Maggie” by Celtic Stone from Celtic Stone

“Song for Ireland” by Craig of Farrington from Lute Etouffee

“Drinking Cataloochee Kool Aid” by Albannach from Bareknucle Pipes & Drums

“Royal Oak” by Rambling Sailors from Ports of Call

“Red Haired Boy/Kitchen Girl” by Neid Fyre from Anatidaephobia

“Lament Of The Fisherman’s Wife” by Merry Mischief from ScallyWags

“Britches Full of Stitches John” by Nancy Daily-Green from Delia’s Hearth

“Thank You For Asking” by New Minstrel Revue from Far and Away

“My Johnny Was a Shoemaker” by  Abby Green from Fig For a Kiss

”Butterfly” by Leah Jorgensen from Peace – Love – Harp

“Month of January” by Thyme Awaye from Thyme Awaye

“High Road to Gairloch/Brown Haired Maiden” by Haggis Rampant from Tri

“Lass of Aughrim” by  Merry Wives of Windsor from Happy Endings


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