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safe harbor

Started by Lady Christina de Pond, March 07, 2015, 11:44:56 AM

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Lady Christina de Pond

He woke up on a straw pallet. For a moment he lay there pondering how had he come to be there?  It had taken him a moment to recall the past days. Of how his ship was at Sea of it exploding of his somehow surviving only to grab onto whatever bit of wood he had clung to.  There were several  blanks that he couldn't recall but they didn't worry him. He was glad to have survived he was still young and full of life. He wanted to survive. He wondered if anyone else had survived. As he lay there he began to test his limbs. His toes seem to work as did his fingers his legs and arms seem to move as well. He started to rise and look around him. Then he heard footsteps outside the door and a light knock. Before he could say anything the door opened slightly and a woman peered around the door . He was mesmerized who was she he didn't remember her she must have been part of the blanks.
"You look a deal better than you did earlier, I say a good sleep has done ya some good would you like a bath or some food?" she asked
"I know that I was in a shipwreck and I know that I have some things I can't remember but my cloths what became of them?"
"I took them I needed to remove them to see if you had any wounds anywhere that needed attention but ummm you are a perfect specimen" she blushed
"I would like a bath and some food and my cloths then I have lots of questions you might help me fill in the blanks I'm not clear on everything and well I may need some help"
"Ofcourse and please call me Arei"
"Thank you Arei I'm....."
"you will remember soon i will go and order you food and a hot bath"
With that she turned and was gone. he shook his head did he have a wife did he have someone who loved him. Already this woman  interested him greatly. Yet he didn't remember his name only that his ship was the Flint was gone and that he had somehow survived. He knew that he would eventually remember who he was even if it took a day or two he knew that somewhere deep down he knew his own name.
A short time later  two servents entered with a tub and began to fill the bath once they left Arei returned with a tray of bread and butter and meat
" I thought you might like to enjoy some food while you bathed I know the cloths the servants are bringing you are not the ones you had on earlier but the ones you had were so tattered that fixing them was not possible. For that I'm sorry but I hope these fit. I shall check back on you later"
"Thank you Arei for your kindness"
She smiled and was gone leaving him alone with his bath. Stepping in he pondered did she have someone was she married. She was dressed to fine to be a servant but besides Arei who was she?
Once outside the door Arei blushed to herself he was a handsome stranger but  as much as she tried not to stare it was obvious he desired her.  She smiled at the memory of examining  his body how she had blushed as she and her maids had removed his shirt to find him muscular and lean. She felt herself flush when she thought of removing his pants to examine him further .  She knew as a lady it was her duty to tend to those under her care but this man. Maybe she had better send alice in to check on him after all. What did she really know about this man other than he was shipwrecked and hand survived.
After his bath he dressed to his surprise the cloths fit him perfectly he found
Arei waiting in the hall for him.
"I know you have questions and I will fill in as much as I can. I think walking will be good for you as well so come and we can talk" offered Arie
He followed her out of the castle and over the draw bridge. The walked down to the shore before either of them spoke
"I found you here washed ashore yesterday morning. You looked half drowned and greyish I had you picked up and carried to the castle so we could look after you."
" Do you know what happened?"
"There was a loud boom offshore several miles away the night before but we didn't know what happened only that you showed up on shore the next morning"
"did you find anyone else?"
" I don't think so"
"then it means no one else of my crew survived"
"your crew?" asked Arei
" Yes I was the Captain and owner of as ship called THE FLINT but now she's gone and so is my crew" He sobbed
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Lady Christina de Pond

Arei brought him into the shelter of her arms and held him while he cried
"you are safe here" crooned Arei
They returned to the castle a short time later Arei left him to rest while she oversaw some thngs it wasn't until dinner that he saw her again. When he entered he noticed her sitting beside a large man. Seeing him Arie smiled and motioned he should join them.
"sit" commanded Arei
"I would like to introduce you to John he is my body guard"
John smiled a smile at the stranger it was almost threatening
"now who might you be?" asked John pointedly which received him an elbow to the side from Arei
"you are remembering more" smiled Arei
" I didn't remember until I was put on the spot I don't know if it's ever really my name it just felt right coming off my tongue"
"well atleast now we have something to call you even if it's not you name" added John
"You said he is your body guard"
"that I am"
"where was he today I didn't see him earlier today"
"your not supposed to see him"
"trust me I'm and excellent shot I run like a deer and I'm an excellent horseman and swimming you not be making off with her without me stopping you either with one of me arrows or me pulling you down me self  I'm close by her at all times"
Arei blushed and wished John would stop speaking she knew John wanted more that he had spoken to her father about marriage but Arei also knew that her father was also thinking it over and had yet to decided.
Watching Arei blush Charles suspected that John was trying to make things between him and Arei sound more intimate than what they really were. Deciding to push John a little Charles turned to Arei
"you said you examined me yourself"
"Yes I did thoroughly" blushed Arei 
Charles noticed the body guard crush the bread in his hands and the color in his face turn red and he glared at Charles over the curls of his charge.
"How is it you that you looked after me" asked Charles
" my Mother was the lady of the castle and she took her duties of running the castle and keep very seriously as she did tending to the folk of this castle and the tenants nearby . She even taught some of the ladies Herb Lore as well as she taught me she would have seen to you herself if she hadn't died a few years back."
"your father?"asked Charles
"he shall return tomorrow he makes his rounds checking on the tenant farmers"
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Lady Ashley of De Coals
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Lady Christina de Pond

"well what about a husband or fiance?"
"No i'm not married or betrothed"
" my Lady forgive me but a beauty as yourself not betrothed you can not tell me that there is not a anyone interested no one who has asked for your fair hand in marriage no one who know your true worth?"
" i did not say that there in is not any men interested, there are but none has been accepted" blushed Arei
"her father will hopefully choose any day now" growled John
"more than likely you want him to choose you any day now" thought Charles.
The idea of Arei married to John did not sit well with Charles. he even wondered to himself why he should care so much and even be jealous about Arei's suitors. Who was he to want claim over a woman he had just met. As he continued his meal he watched her in silence but he knew he wanted her so what he just met her. He wanted to brush his lips against hers to taste the sweet honey residue on her lips. To hold her a man and wife held each other. To watch her grow with his child inside.

As predicted the following afternoon Arei's father returned. Arie introduced the two men. Mahan looke at the younger man with Curiosity. "Just like my daughter to bring home strays" thought Mahan.
Charles took to working with Mahan's horses for something in him told that he worked with horse where he came from and that he was an excellent horseman. So began a pleasurable routine for Charles and he spent his days trying to work horses and his mind

Weeks Later
Elsewhere outside a dark Tavern of a salty sea port town a shadow decends the steps of a carriage. Dressed in black from her cloak that hid her face to her toes. She walked in a way that made it appear that she was gliding she entered the pub and looked for her Henchman. In a dark west corner of the pub sat a man drinking ale he was musclar and lean he also was dark his hair inky and black his goatee as black and inky as the rest of his hair. She glided over and sat down with him. her hand high on his thigh. The cloak's hood concealed her lovely face from all but it didn't bother him he knew who she was. He knew the day she hired him to kill her husband. That day was a good day he had aquired a job and he had even had relations with her. The way she smelled her curves her supple....he had better stop thinking of her body he was already aroused . Maybe she would let him see her home.
" well" she whispered in his ear
" it is no more she exploded"
" and him?"
" clueless no one had time to make if off before hand. all were going about normal business"
" then the crew is presumed drowned  and him as well"
" i shall bring news of this to you tomorrow at your estates all appears to be a mishap"
" yes i stand to inherit a lot of money i want it to all look like it truly was an accident at sea. I shall go now i need to prepare to grieve"
She glided out the door and was gone. growling he got up and took hold of the first wench he saw the whispered in her ear and both exited the tavern
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Lady Ashley of De Coals
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Lady Christina de Pond

As the weeks pass Charles and Arei became close. They often would take walks together after dinner often meaning John would be at some distance grumbling to himself over Arei being close to Charles. When Arei would take her horse out for rides it was Charles who helped her to dismount. As she did he often peered into her eyes. One day after Charles had been there about 5months something happened. As he was Assisting Arei off her Horse she slid into his arms and when he looked back he saw Love reflected back just as he hoped she saw love in his eyes. As if by some invisible string they both leaned in for the kiss. He brushed his lips to hers and then kissed her deeper just as he decided to step in closer to her both heard a arrow wiz past. The kiss was broke and Arei smilled at Charles and went into the castle leaving Charles with her horse. The next few days every time Arei thought of the kiss between herself and Charles she cried. She knew she loved
Charles but she also knew that it would be only a matter of time before he remembered who he was and leave her breaking her heart into a million peices.
One the third night she was done crying she was dressed for bed and alice knew something was bothering her came to check on her.
"Are you alright my dear?"
" I've made a choice i am going to go to him Alice"
" why must you go to him Child"
" Because i Love him"
" you know he will break your heart child"
" do you not think i don't already know this? I've wrestled with it since the day i found him. I know that one day he will awaken and he will remember exactly who he is. and where he lives weather he has a wife and children and then he will do exactly what is expected of him. He will leave and with him he will take my heart. But what can i do? I love him and the wants what it wants"
" stay here child distance yourself from him.....I can see in your eyes you will not do so. You are a brave one your risking what some would not dare to risk they are too afraid"
Arei smiled at Alice she then hugged her and was out the door.
She did not knock on Charles's door but entered and closed the door quiet as a mouse. As she looked around the room the fire in the hearth illuminated the room and told her that he was not asleep. That he lay watching her. Taking a step forward the fire Illuminated her shift and Charles stood up and came to her.
" Arei it is you" he spoke in her ear his lips brushing them" I can not Guarantee that i will stay Arei I may even break your heart and hurt you are you sure that you want this" he spoke to her part of him hoping to change her mind part of him not wanting to change her mind.
"I love you it is a Risk i will take for what is life without Love" spoke Arei
" are you sure you wish to do this Arei i may hurt some"
Arei smiled at him an ran the back of her hand along his cheek Charles began kissing her Lightly but Arei's kisses were greedy and So he let his kisses hunger for more of her. He let flow what he had been holding back from the day he woke in her father's castle. Arei fueled by passion pressed herself flush against him. The stopped only briefly to toss her shift over a nearby chair.neither slept much that night and at Breakfast both seemed a bit still sleepy but not one questioned their quiet hand holding. The only one who really seemed bothered was John who grumbled something about empty heads and his Arei and a broken heart. That night as Charles lay in his bed he heard the door close gently he watched Arei approach and remove her shift then she was on top of him. After ward he held her as she slept. Though he knew his love for her was real he was afraid that one day he would hurt Arei.
The next night he stood near the door for Arei. NO sooner had the door closed then he pressed her against it and kissed her.
" and what if i had not come tonight you would have been standing there all night" She giggled
feeling him press firmly against her she smiled as he pulled her shift over her head and kissed her greedily
"I believed you would come and  i see i was rewarded for my patience" he answered
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Lady Ashley of De Coals
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