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Visiting Opening Weekend!

Started by Orphena, June 04, 2015, 12:16:25 PM

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Thank you, Sir; thou'rt entirely too good to me~ ;)


Greetings again! Getting very excited to visit! I have a few more questions, and hoping you can help!

Is there a specific entrance to take for the preferred parking? My directions take me in at Frontage rd, but I'm unclear if the preferred lot ($5) is located there or elsewhere?

Is there a spot where we need to get ID checked for the purpose of alcohol consumption? Is it a one time stop, or an ongoing thing at each pub?

Can anyone give me approximate pricing on Mead / beer? Trying to set my budget!

Does anyone know anything about the RenQuest? I'm interested in participating to get some ideas - I've run several scavenger hunts at our local faire, and looking for inspiration. Is it worth it? Is it too "little kid" for a grown lady to participate?

Oh - and for identification purposes, I will likely be dressed in green nobles, with either a blue or orange forepart. So if you see a very tall noble with blue eyes, that might be me! I'll wear my RF pin, my penny, and a smile!

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Lady Renee Buchanan

Both parking entrances are on the frontage road, but they are well marked with big signs.  Trust me, the car line will lead you right to the preferred parking!

I don't drink, but I don't remember my husband ever getting carded, and there are no wristbands.  I think beer is between $6-7 and I am going to guess that mead and wine is around the same.  There are also some pubs that have mixed alcoholic drinks, but I don't know what their prices are.

Hopefully, there will be others who can advise about RenQuest, because we have never participated and no one we know has.  There is somewhat of a description on the website.

Four days.  Open the gates!   Huzzah!
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Currently, my little weather thingy on my phone lists Saturday in the upper 70s and Sunday in the low 80s, and partly sunny ;) Not a bad forecast. There are lots of trees offering shade, but be aware that the jousting area will likely be in full sun, so be prepared.
My kids did the RenQuest many years ago, but I don't remember many details. They didn't do it year after year, so it simply may not have been something that grabbed their attention.
Have to admit; I'm looking forward to just taking some time to sit and just watch everyone, and let it all wash around me ;) Faire is such a wonderful place for people-watching ;)


Huzzah for Bristol!

Great visit, thanks so much for the tips! Mead is $6, and delicious. They have other mixed drinks that we didn't get around to trying because it was HOT HOT HOT, and dehydration was a bigger concern.

We arrived 9:15ish and that was about right for a row or 2 back, in the paid parking lot. The other lots were quite far away.

Right across from the Town Square Pub is a lovely stall that does fruit ices - they were by far the most welcome treat - lemon was excellent - a whole hollowed out lemon (excellent size!) and full of icy refreshing lemon ice - like a sorbet. They also had streawberry, orange and peach. My favourite treat by far!

We also tried the sauteed garlic mushrooms - very nice! and deep fried cheese fritters / balls that were good, but a touch messy in garb. We missed a few colder options in terms of food, but what we had was very good!

We really didn't watch too many shows, but spent the time drinking in the sights and ambience of a very nice festival!

Pro Tip - find the friends of faire garden - it is not too far from the RenQuest vardo -  and spend $5 for a wristband. All day you have a shady place to rest, free water, ice, and gatorade. There are tables and port a potties that are handicapped size and kept clean! (Very worth it as bottles of water are $3 each out in the festival!) Water fountains (free) available by the flushable privvies as well.

We did not end up trying the Renquest, but spoke to one person who was enjoying it. One weekend was simply not long enough!

Other tip for Travellers - AVOID the 94 thru Chicago. Take the toll road - 294 - it will cost you less than $10, tolls range from $1.50 - $1.90 and there are 4 or 5 of them.

Also - the 94 also has tolls - one of them was $6.40 or something. If you stay in Gurnee (where we stayed), you'll have to pay a $2.80 toll everytime to go up to faire on the 94, or research where the 41 is and take that for free.  To avoid tolls, stay to the north of the faire.

Hope that helps other planners!
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Gauwyn of Bracknell

You didn't try the sarsaparilla?  best drink for a buck  :)
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Gauwyn of Bracknell


The sassafras root beer is sooooo good; they'll make a black cow with it, and it's a little cup of heaven ;)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the visit. I was there Saturday, and it felt so nice to be able to roam around again. They've done a lot of work on the Kid's Kingdom; my daughter, who is 24, kept saying how annoyed she was that it was so cool now when she was technically too old for it (doesn't usually stop her from going in, anyway). There really is a lot for a day, and possibly even a weekend, depending on how many shows you want to see. Got to see a Tortuga show, a Barely Balanced show, Nunnie Nunnie for the first time ever (I don't think they've done Bristol before; at least, not within my memory), and bits and pieces of a few others. I'll be there at least once or twice more before Labor Day weekend and the long-anticipated arrival of the Wizard and his Lovely Bride. Good advice, too, about 294. I always take the tollway, because while it goes slightly out of the way (I'm in a south Chicago suburb), it is much easier driving.

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Opening weekend was a total blast. And Lady Orphena was as lovely in person as she is in pictures.
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