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Hey all, I'm coming to this wonderful renaissance faire for the first time closing weekend. I'd love to meet people, and love for any tips on must see events. I'm bringing with me someone new to this, and I know she'll be a fellow lover of it after!

There's a lot to see and do while at CRF, but two things that are must see (IMO) are the big cat show and Celtic Legacy.  Same stage and when we were there opening weekend, the cat show followed CL.  We're from out of state and I know we didn't see everything, but both were very entertaining.  And drinks lots of water also.  They also have Blue Moon on tap!   ;D

Merlin the Elder:
I agree with RenStarr on the must see. Be sure to say hello to Thomas Howard and his lovely bride.

Yes, please do introduce yourself should you happen to see us, Jade!

Thanks guys! And I hope to find you Thomas!


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