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Explain the "Goat" theme to me...

Started by Obadiah Jib, July 23, 2008, 10:56:23 PM

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Baron Doune

Yes pirate stuff!!!

Just got back from Bristol.

Was a very good time.

Baron Doune

So back to the birth of the "goat" thing... (long, as taken from the orginal forums unedited.)

n/a (Baron Doune...account removed by request around Jan 1st 2007 or so)

Posted - 06/17/2006 : 05:37:59
I'm thinking were going to be ok with the rain until around 5pm.

You guys might want to hit that big gas station in Hudson and see if they have any of those really cheap ponchos.

We're almost gone...see you...more coffee.

Marietta Graziella

Posted - 06/17/2006 : 06:20:37
We're on the road in 10 minutes!!!!
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Posted - 06/17/2006 : 06:28:15
Right behind you...umm, well, in front of you, but leaving after you....yeah, I'm gone...


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 00:41:28
Despite the sauna, and the dust bowls, a good time was had by all.
It was great meeting everyone "new"-and putting faces with names.

Baron-always a pleasure. Did you finish the scotch?

We had fun telling jokes, and stories around our make shift camp after faire and trying to stay dry between downpours.

Will post pictures as soon as I figure out how....unitl then, I am off to shower away faire dirt and grit.

Marietta Graziella

I think I'll be getting dust out of my hair for days but it was till fun!
Getting to meet face to face, supporting the new faire and laughing at the Baron when the rain poured off the canopy, right down his back at the camp ground. ;-)

We'll post our pictures, too. didn't get as many as we'd thought, but a few good ones.

Hugs all around!


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 11:09:20
Well I have to put out a huge THANKS to you all who were there and inviting me. I had a blast and yes my back hurts a bit from the maille but Id do it again in a heartbeat. It was great putting names to faces. It always makes a drives easier when you have a bunch of people with ya. Thanks for all the food too, I think Im still full!
I will gladly carpool with anyone again (well mebbe not the Baron) he makes me drink scotch :O jkjkjkjkjk.
I ummm have no pics but the others will be great. My wife was a wee bit jealous I had so much fun and she has said a big YES to pub night next week. So yes Bish you get you walkie Talkie back since I cant sell just one on ebay ;P


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 11:55:19
Saturday was great! (Even with the dust devils and high temps) Always a good time when meeting new friends regardless of the situation. Too bad we didn't get to see the closing gate show, but the Baron put on a good enough show at camp regardless...

(don't worry Baron, I won't ban you...yet. )

Pics will be posted shortly...


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 14:13:15
....and here they are!

Goodryn Anicet

Posted - 06/18/2006 : 14:52:18
We made it back to Duluth and have hosed down/washed all our belongings. I had an absolutely wonderful time meeting all of you and no the scotch was not finished as I believe the Baroness dug out the cover at 2/3 gone? Had a blast anyways into the wee hours.

(ok when i drink scotch with good friends, I always open the bottle and throw the cap away)


Awesome pics DB I was able to show my wife who I was all with. Thanks


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 15:06:29
Ohhh....did anybody get the number of that goat cart that hit me? Then stopped, backed up over me, and hit me again?
(Right there. That's how the goat thing started.)

It was great seeing everybody. Beating up on the poor crippled guy on the log was the highlight of my day along with being in the parade.

(edit add)
The guy on the log had cut his foot on a piece of glass this morning in the kitchen. It required seven stitches. As we were fighting he knew I was going to beat him and kept telling me I was beating up on a poor crippled guy. I kept telling him I paid a dollar to do just this.

This was the first time we've been camping and it was wonderful with all the sounds of nature around us. Special thanks to those screaming crows at 5 in the morning followed by that damn woodpecker. Ahhh nature.


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 15:10:42
I just realized I have no pictures of myself...not that it's a bad thing. Just curious to see how my "new look" came across...

Marietta Graziella

Posted - 06/18/2006 : 15:28:16
Here are about the only pictures that came out...
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Goodryn Anicet

Posted - 06/18/2006 : 15:50:56

Here's my pics.
(skipping a few off topic posts)


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 17:28:27 Show Profile Send Marunad a Yahoo! Message Send Marunad a Ren Mail Reply with Quote
Definitely a great time and meeting fun people! Great pics everyone, we didn't
take any that have come out. Must shower...must...shower, then I'll jabber
more no doubt.


Posted - 06/18/2006 : 18:51:05
Baron...that was the Camp Nazi Forager's Cart to be precise

Bish...excellent shots, Mi'Lady commented, "He takes fabulous
pictures, is he a pro?"

Archer..if your back is only slightly sore I'm impressed, that's
quite a load you were hauling about, excellent garb!

Marietta...and Mike, great meeting y'all and thanks once again for
the use of that fabulous pavillion, the rain did not come back to
grace us.

Kate and 'girl child' heh, pleasure meeting y'all although, that girl
child is so sharp and smart it's almost creepy...

Okay, if I missed anyone, well, my belly is over ruling my brain, time
to feed it
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Posted - 06/18/2006 : 20:47:15
I didn't take nearly enough pictures, but the dust was really hard on my camera and I wated to keep it from jamming up. Can't believe I didn't get a full group shot of everyone. Doh...

(Copied from:

to be continued...


Lord Figaro

Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.

George Santayana

Baron Doune


Really very sick right now.  Will update when I'm better.

Lord Figaro

Get it out or your system now Baron, "before" fest begins.
Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes.

George Santayana

Obadiah Jib

I think this might be an example of "You had to be there"!
First Mate of the Portobello Rose.
I'm not the captain, I just dress better than he does.

Baron Doune

ya and a few people were back in the 2006 season....

I've been looking for goat pics, from here and fest but I can't seem to find them...any help?

Well except for this one...

ok those are Scratch's toes and have nothing to do with goats...just in case you didn't get it.


Aye,The Baron does like his goats. 

IWG #3440
Landshark #19

Baron Doune

Missed you and the hubby at Bristol hat, same place.