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Started by Orphena, September 21, 2015, 01:14:17 PM

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Good Day, Ohio!

M'lord and I are visiting your festival for the first time this year, and we are travelling from Ontario, Canada. We will be there for your closing weekend. I thought I would take advantage of the locals and find out some things that isn't so easy to figure out online! Answer one, answer all, whichever you prefer!

According to the website, gates open at 10:30. Tailgating begins at ??? Anything we need to be aware of?

Working out a budget, and dealing with the terrible (for us) exchange rate - can anyone tell me how much a glass of mead would cost? While we are on the subject - is it likely we are carded every time we purchase, or can we get a wrist band / hand stamp to show we are of age? (And hopefully we remember to throw our ID in our pouch!)

What is your favourite food at faire, and why?

Non musical shows worth making time for?

Queen & Court - easy to track down? I play QE1 at our local faire, and always looking for interactions so I can learn from other royalty! (We will be in noble garb!)

We could actually drive 2 different ways around the lake - but I suspect we'll come through Buffalo New York, and skirt the lake in Pennsylvania, then cross Ohio on a diagonal, on the 70 and 71. Anything of interest along that way that might get us out of the carriage for a few hours?

Any other things that you would be sure to tell a visiting friend?

I will be wearing a RF pin, and likely a wooden maple leaf - if you see a tall noble that fits that description, please stop and say hi!

Thanks in advance!
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So glad you'll be making the trip. We too are planning on attending closing weekend.

As for answers to questions:
Never tailgated prior to opening gate although I know some do.
Favorite new food is the bourbon chicken served with rice. Why you ask??? Goes well with the ale.
As for ID and purchasing beverages, better to bring it and not need it than the other way around. Usually, once you've got a glass in your hand, they stop asking.

I think brew $6. Not sure about the mead.

As for the royals, I've never be introduced. We find ourselves hanging with the street cast and some of the vendors...they've become our faire family. The Aleing Knight pub is the place to stop in and out of. It's in the center of the village next to the jousting.

One thing they did add this year is the Royal Smoker. $15/head to get in. With that, you get two beverages, a commemorative pin and some raunchy humor and music. We tried it. The entertainment was good. All in all, it splits up the crowd that would normally all be together at pub sing. I'd pass on that for a first visit.

If you are staying, the Holiday Inn on I-71 also has a Max-n-Erma's restaurant/pub in the hotel. Good for afterwards. That's probably where we'll be this year if we stay.

Safe Travels!

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Hello and welcome! I'm a booth worker, selling the patchwork skirts that are so popular at the faire.

For your questions:
The opening skit starts about 10. The canon will go off at 10:30 to signal the gates opening. It is a canon.

For the mead, it is about $6 I think. There are also several ciders. I would keep your ID on you just in case. No wristbands that I am aware of.

For food, we got several new items this year. As SNS said, the bourbon chicken is delicious.There is a pizza booth that makes homemade pizza on site. I love the bread bowls. I get the mac n cheese with onions on top. Mmm.

I always tell people to go see the Swordsmen who have not yet. The mud show is popular as well. The pirate stunt show is fun.

The Queen and Court are easy to track down in the nice weather. Like most, it is harder to find them when the rain plagues us. They are always in the parade. I adore our queen. So much fun to interact with.

You are attending a great year as we had several changes thank to new owners.
The Dirty Duchess (where the Royal Smoker is) is very popular. I have not been there but everyone has said great things
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