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New photgraphy "rules"?

Started by KeithR, September 22, 2015, 11:05:27 PM

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How or who do I contact in management to ask a question about photography at the fest? I've been photographing out there since the 80's & now I understand there are some new rules that I have to talk to the "management" about.


Photography is covered on their website as well as instructions for contact information. Directly quoted from their "general information":

Film/Photo Rights:

All film rights are reserved. Commercial use of photos, videos or audio tapes made at the festival
without written permission from the Marketing Department is strictly prohibited. We prohibit the
use of video or photographic monopods or tripods unless authorized by MRF management.
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This may very well be the last year that I will becoming to renfest. I have been attending and photographed fest for almost 35 years and have always had a good time. In all that time, I have not sought to profit on any images by selling any images to anyone. I did post some images a few years ago but I actually have never been back to that site(photobucket-IIRC). I have made prints of images that I felt were worthy and have always GIVEN a copy to the person. And it has always been either a shop keeper or talent. I have hung some of the images as a rotating display of images that our camera club members put up where our club meets.
In the ensuing years (I'm over 60 now), my knees & back are sore more time than I would like to count. But still I came to walk about the grounds photographing the people, the costumes and the colors that make up that magical place. And because of my ailments, I have needed the use of my monopod. This year I see that they are no longer allowed. I can understand banning tripods as I have seen set them up and then walk away from them to chase after their kids or whatever. But you can't do that with a monopod. I use mine to help steady not only my equipment, but also me on occasion. I called "management" today, was told someone would get back to me, which they did.  They left a voice mail telling me that they had no known knowledge of restrictions on monopods. After while I decided to call back to verify the statement. Sure enough, the staement was recanted. It baffles the mind that the fest encourges the taking of pictures, even sponsoring contests and then handcuffs you by limiting the use of equipment one is allowed to use. Remember few years ago, it was that no lens long than 8 inches be allowed, and now this. What about walking staffs? They are allowed and even sold on site. What is the fundamental difference? One is used to aid a person the other to aid a piece of photographic equipment(and thereby helping to steady the person taking the picture). I'm just getting fed up with the control that some people yield without knowledge of any factual practicality. I guess I've said enough.