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Who Uses Facebook/Twitter to Promote Acts/Vendors/Et al ...?

Started by LennyBurrows, May 13, 2012, 07:36:11 PM

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Curious to who is out there....

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Kevin Starnes
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Anyone who's not using facebook and twitter, and as much social media as you can stand, probably should consider it. It's been a huge help to us.

Pandora Celtica
Nelle Moorley

Brother Gregory

Will Gamwell


I do to some extent.  When I use my website blog & Facebook to promote faires in & around Oklahoma, I often let people know some of the acts they can experience at the upcoming faires.  I'm not a performer.  I created so people could find the less advertised Ren, Celtic, Medieval & Scottish faires in the region.
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I use Facebook to show tidbits of my research on historic games as I find it, as well as show some of my new projects. Lately I've been playing with posting some candid pictures of me actually making things to help show the work.
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I use Facebook to advertise my handmade wares: