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Stolen cloaks posting Mystic Cloak


I would like advice on where and how best to post Mystic Cloak and Tailor (thats me) cloaks that have been reported to us that are stolen.  As of TRF 2015 we have been producing our cloaks with Serial Numbers in them to aid in their return to their owners and as an option for the owner to press charges on the thief if found.   I would like to ask R/F if it would be possible to post these cloaks that are stolen so others could aid in there recovery.   Some of our client save money for a very long time to purchase a good waterproof cloak only to have some low life swipe it.   Which is very annoying to me as I get to see these customers come in to our shop day after day as they save up for their cloak.

So the main question is can we post these SN on R/F and where would be a good place to post them?   The list will only be SN and a description of the cloak  an example : Large Suede Green with XXX clasp SN=12345

Thank you for your time.
Doug Block
Owner Mystic Cloak and Tailor

Wow, that its awful!  I don't see a problem with posting it, I would suggest the TRF section since that is where it happened. Perhaps send Sir Martin a message, he is the moderator of that section.  Good luck!

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Sir Martin:
Hi Doug,

I understand the frustration when thieves take something that people have saved up for.  I think it would be fine to post the serial numbers of cloaks that have been stolen.  Hopefully it will result in their return to the rightful owner.

What a clever idea to put serial numbers in them!


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