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2016 Bay Area Ren Fest (BARF)

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Well opening weekend of Barf has come and gone. Opening day seemed like it was going to be really nice. Not so much for me though. Left Orlando at 7am to get there for the tailgate party. Arrived pretty much on time, after looking around at all of the crazzzy dressed pirate costumes I was afraid to get out of my car in my humble garb.  Did a pre check before getting out to make sure I had everything I would need for the day. Garb-check.  Camera-check. Memory card-check. Battery-ummm nope. Left the battery at home sitting in the charger because I thought the night before I might be able to squeeze a little more juice into it. Duhh. After an hour and a half driving around I finally found a place that had the battery. Got back to the faire, was about to walk through the gate when the rain started. Rained pretty much all day. Got some decent pictures of the crowd that remained. You can find them here https://www.flickr.com/photos/137622677@N08/albums/72157664429491315

It was so cold today Feb 7th I decided to skip Brevard. Sorry Brevard maybe next year. 

iain robb:
Not only did it start raining, the temperature began dropping as the cold front came through. I was fine in tons of wool, but my wife and granddaughter needed to get out of it and left near 2.

Hope you'll come back and get more photos when we're not all soaked!

Oh I'll definitely be back. I'm gonna bounce back and forth between Flarf and Barf. Most of the people I have met over the past couple shows are down in Flarf. Its just a longer ride to Flarf from Orlando.

I have a picture offline. It will look very easy.

Thanks for sharing the photos, I could find any online. Our group will be going to BARF next year so we could meet up :)


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