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Did Pet Policy Change??

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Merlin the Elder:
I noticed a lot of dogs at Sherwood opening weekend. Some were service dogs, but there were quite a few that were not ID'd as such.  Has there been a change from what is posted on the website?

Supposedly, only service dogs with a vest would be allowed in. The only two that I had seen that did not meet that criteria are the wolf hounds which I believe were "cast".

Merlin the Elder:
I saw a number of others. Not complaining, mind you... it just caught me off guard, and I was queried about the policy.

Since I provide ADA assistance animal training for the SWFF staff, I believe I can provide a definitive opinion on this matter.

Folks have mentioned not seeing a ADA certified vest on the dogs. Actually, there is no such thing. There is not a government agency that provides these. There are, however, many online companies selling such vests and certificates.

Per the federal and Texas state ADA regulations, we cannot demand any proof that a dog (per Texas law, only dogs can be service animals) is a service animal. We can only ask two questions. Depending on the answers, we must determine if the dog meets the requirements. The dog can be either a service (assistance) animal or a comfort (emotional support) animal. The first can be in the Faire area, the second cannot.

If anyone wants more details, I have the full printout of the Texas ADA service animal regulation. Catch me in Faire and I'll show you, or you can search online (such as Texas ADA service animals).

Enough said.

Merlin the Elder:
Thanks, Mike. As I said, it wasn't a complaint, but merely an observation. I had seen service dogs on site before, but never that many. The record attendance may explain that!


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