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Hello!  I'm trying to help a friend sell her wool traveling cloak, and we thought we'd try Ren forums to see if we could find a home with people who'd genuinely care for it before we turned to Craigslist or something. :)

It looks like the B/S/T forum was recently removed here...can anyone recommend other sites or forums that have active, above-board classifieds for items like this?  Thanks for your help!

We have a buy sell trade section, however, since you are new, you don't have access to it yet.  You need to post in other areas a few times before the access opens up.  I believe it is for spam relief.  You could post it in the section for your local faire(s) or in the Squire's Tavern.  I would suggest adding a caveat that you don't have access to the buy/sell/trade section yet.  Good Luck and welcome to our happy little home!

Thanks Trillium!  That makes sense now...I saw the guidelines in another section that said there would be no buying or selling for now, so I assumed that section must have closed down for some reason.  I appreciate the explanation! :)  Cheers and thanks for the welcome!

closet space once again an issue; time to unload en masse.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
It is helpful to post pictures and prices on everything when you post, not just a general "I have garb for sale, PM me."  That way, maybe someone is not really looking for garb, but something catches their eye, and there's a possible sale.  Many people, myself included, are impulse buyers! :)


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