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So looks like there is a new music Fest using the Sherwood grounds! Not my cup of tea, and some of the comments give me worry about how they're gonna treat the grounds, but it looks fun nonetheless. Check out
for more info.

Merlin the Elder:
 ???  Interesting move. I guess we'll see the results when it's over.


--- Quote from: Merlin the Elder on June 30, 2016, 06:01:05 AM --- ???  Interesting move. I guess we'll see the results when it's over.

--- End quote ---

Yeah I'm waiting to see too. Plus side, more people exposed to ren faires. Down side - hipsters!

As long as they have fun and respect the grounds it should be all good.

I wonder how it's going to work with these folks camping in the clan sites.  The structures that have been built, plants, fences, etc.......   If some damage is sustained to some of that stuff that allot of hard work went into, well you know where I'm going.   :-\

Update:  I see on FB that Zane has addressed this concern.  Free weekend passes for 2 clan members from each clan to act as a camp host's.  So at least there will be someone in each camp to monitor what's going on. 

This was addressed at the clan leader meeting this past Saturday.

Clan leaders are to submit to me the two names (not Fairenames, but names on driver's licenses) sometime in October, so that I can consolidate and submit to the event management. More discussions on the clan leader Facebook page.


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