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--- Quote from: LadyJessica on December 19, 2016, 01:24:42 PM ---I have heard mostly positive things but I did hear of some destruction taking place in some of the clan camping areas.  Fencing being torn down and holes dug into the ground, for firepits I'm guessing.

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Actually no. I caught the folks building in-ground/on-ground fires early Friday and then throughout Saturday. I expended two 10 lb extinguishers in an obvious show that the fires were not allowed. I was happy to explain what a "Fire Ban" really meant.

The rental fee for SOS helped us build the new pub and stage at the previous Vineyard stage location.

Also, this introduced over 2,000 campers to Sherwood Forest Faire, so I expect a record number of camper this year. Going to keep me busy, but I love the idea of packing the campgrounds.

Yeah, one of those fires was in Clan P.  I was not thrilled when I showed up this past work weekend and found the remnants.


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