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I missed first weekend but was there this Saturday past - what great weather! Our group spent the day just wandering, playing, & eating our way through Canterbury.  I did catch Maxwell's show at the end of the day & of course we all ate 2 crepes at Claire's!  Yummy!!

I didn't know you could enter the grounds early - cool, kcdcchef! ;D The grounds were muddy this weekend, but no choking dust and the overgrowth had been landscaped down.  The mud was bad, but worth nice weather.  I hope for a cold season of cloak weather as always!

It was good to see you and your entourage, Tamtaro!  Sorry you had to park with us "common folk".

Good day.  Here is a link to my pictures from opening day:  http://www.meistersrealm.com/Meisters_Realm/Photos/Pages/Kansas_City_Renaissance_Festival.html


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