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New Medieval Faire In Oklahoma This Fall


Huzzah!  A wonderful group of people is bringing a Medieval Faire to Kiefer, Oklahoma on September 30 - October 2nd this year!  Where is Kiefer, you ask?  It is about 20 minutes southwest of Tulsa.

People have said for years that Tulsa needs a faire.  This is as good a place as any to put one.  Will you join me in kicking off this event?

Huzzah!  The word of this new faire has exploded!  There are now just shy of three dozen vendors and performers lined up for the first weekend of October in Kiefer, Oklahoma!  Won't you come join the fun?

Here are my photos from Kiefer.  There are already plans to host this Medieval Faire again next September and October.  They have a crew entered in a nearby Christmas parade to advertise it.  I hope to see you in about ten and a half months there.

That faire looks so nice! Hopefully it takes off like a bow and has many more years under its belt!

It was a great event, especially for its first year!  A crew from it just participated in a Christmas parade last Saturday in a nearby town of 18,000 people.  Many parade attendees had heard about the faire after it happened and are excited to see it next fall.


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