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Closing Weekend Closing In

Started by Imestra, October 04, 2015, 01:34:51 PM

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Curtro & I shall be attending the OH Faire 10/10 to see Albannach (of course)
My wish is to see as many Fair Folk as possible on closing weekend.  Anyone else making plans?
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Closing weekend for us. See you there!
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Several GLMF folk will be invading from NE Ohio. Really excited about the new ownership and the changes they're making, and of course seeing our friends once more!
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We'll be there! Straight from Ontario, Canada....look for us - we're tall, dress as nobles, and having fun!
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We are all of us in the gutters, but some of us are lookin at the stars

Captain Itchy Scratchy

Ill be there Saturday and Sunday. Celebrating my 2nd wedding anniversary!
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Jared Thorne

My good lady and I will be there on Sunday only (she is working on Saturday at Trader's World).
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