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Royal garb forsale
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:01:46 PM »

As I have advanced in years, my physical abilities have decreased.  I retired from the Gulf Coast faire last year and make no illusions as to ever performing in Faire again as I can no longer do the walking necessary.  I will have sufficient garb to visit a faire where there is no requirement to be anywhere at a specific time.  Therefore my royal robes are available for sale.  I would not wear them to visit a faire as I would not want to upstage the royal court.  I have jpegs available, but I have had problems posting photos on this forum before .  So I will describe the outfits and if you are interested send me your e-mail address and I will send the pictures to you.  I stand 6 feet 2inches and weigh around 300
I have a 56 in chest and a 52 inch waist.  These outfits are not for striplings.  The
real royal one has three pieces and is purple.  It has 2 tunics.  1 tunic split in the back and has a zipper, The overcoat covers the zipper.  The other tunic open like a coat in the front and has a long zipper that is covered with Velcro so it is easy on and off.  The over coat is a Tudor style and has a wide fur collar.  It is highly jeweled, and sequend(sp) .

The other is also Tudor styled with a gold Tunic and a Black and gold fur trimmed overcoat.  My e-mail address is
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