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New TX Renfest Cancelled By City Government Hours Before Opening


The new Castlegard Renaissance Festival got screwed over by the Edinburg, Texas city government the day before it was to begin.


Merlin the Elder:
It certainly affected a lot of good people, but I don't think the city council is at fault here, if the news report is factual. It sounds like the festival owner/promoter royally screwed up.

I do think, however, that they may have given up an opportunity to bring revenue into the area.

I'm with Merlin on this - it sounds like the landowner was sorta in the wrong. I don't know anything going on " on the ground" as it were besides other faires taking in vendors and people who had travelled to the faire and now have limited means to get back.

Overall this does make me sad. People travelled and invested money into this in many ways. I hope, well I know, the community will bounce back from this. I hope the Valley gets their faire soon!

I have been made aware by a performer that the organizer was not doing things on the "up and up" with vendors or performers.  The cancellation of this event may have been a good thing in preventing more consternation.  Hopefully, a better-organized faire will come to the area soon.


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