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Well Blackpowder Paul is now in charge of the event. Waiting to hear confirmation on dates from him. Bueller? Bueller?

Paul Blackpowder:
The April 15 Castleteers has hit a little snag. Fields Ertel Rd. is closed for construction between Meijers and Rich Rd. So the parking at Meijers and using buses to shuttle patrons down to the Castle has been cancelled for this year. All parking for visitors is at the Castle. As you know, there is very limited space there during the day. Therefore, we are asking that the Castleteers look at arriving around 6PM or so on the 15th. I know that this is not the best news, but we flat out need the room for parking. It is going to be very tight for the vendors and knights working Castle Day, much less for patrons coming to visit. I do not like posting this caveat, but we have no choice.Getting casual visitors in for Castle Days, plus the chaos of vendors packing up at the end of the day will combine for a very congested parking lot. We still look forward to seeing all of you here, and hope for a good time.

See you on Saturday!

Paul Blackpowder:
Looking forward to it.

For those of us that have never been for the afternoon festivities...what all goes on during the day?



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