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Paul Blackpowder:
   Yes, I know I am late. This has not been a good year so far, so let us make it a good one. Please post if you shall be coming, and what ye desire to bring for the potluck. Once again, this is a garbed event for persons of the age of 21 and over, as alcohol will be permitted after Castle Day. Parking is going to be very tight for Castle Day, so it may be a good idea to come after 5 or 6 PM. Fields Ertel Rd is closed from Meijers to Rich Rd, so the only way in to us is via 275 to Exit52, and coming through Loveland. Car pooling may be an option. I can't emphasize how important it is that we not take up parking at the Castle during the day, so as to allow room for other casual visitors. We shall be able to enjoy the Castle after hours.Look forward to seeing all  of you.

Paul Blackpowder:
Tentative weather report fir Castleteers is looking at temps of 52 to 69 and sunny on the 15th, with mostly clear skies Saturday eve, and a high Sunday around 76. Subject of course to change without notice.

Attending with pepperoni rolls to share...not to mention some libations.

max and kate:
We'll be there not sure what we are bringing yet

Greetings!  Hope I am posting this in the right place!  I am RSVPing for this weekend! There are a few of us coming from the Toledo area- we are friends of Carl and Max And Kate.  Not sure what I am bringing yet, but definitely looking forward to it!


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