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What a Great time!!!

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Jay Byrd:
Spent our first night at the castle.  What a great time! I would like to thank everybody that helped My Mary and I to have such a wonderful time and to feel so very welcome.  Met many good people, spent most of the night drinking with Carl and Stare North Steve, awesome people.  Already looking forward to the next one.  The drive from Jersey was well worth it.

Thank you,

Jay Byrd

Was a great time. Good to meet you both. Have a safe trip back to Jersey

Great people, great location! Saw old friends and made new ones. I am glad to have made it back. I'll need to brush up on my chess skills as I got my butt kicked. Sorry I had to bolt so early and missed the morning farewells. I hope you all had safe travels. Until we meet again...HUZZAH!


P.S. Jay - thanks so much for the blade. Good memories!

Jay Byrd:
Just back to Jersey.  Once again thanks to all for a great time and making new people feel like old friends.

A special thanks to Max and Kate,  I have informed my son of your gracious gift and he is thankful from the bottom of his heart.

Jay Byrd and Mary

SNS--lots of fun.  May it serve you well.

Jay Byrd:


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