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The Peacock Pirate - need help with small details.


My name, Autumn Marie. Autumn for the day I was born. The day when night and day are equal in parts. Marie for the virgin whose constellation was last seen for the year on the horizon on the morning of. I am a woman who loves the sea, as did my father before me. I drop anchor on the north side of a place simply known as The Coves. Me first mate be One Eyed Jack, his main job is to guard the ship and pest control (catch the flies). Pssst... he's a cat. My ship is magnificently beautiful. She has gorgeous earth green sails, and at her prow, a peacock's head with stunning blue sapphires that adorn the crown that can be seen shining from miles away. Like the peacock, She commands respect, as do I. I do not "steal". Treasures and valuables are simply "given" to me! Also like the peacock, I love to flaunt my style. My outfit matches that of a peacocks colors. My shirt is a sage earthy green with a black velvet vest with buttons of gold. My pants and boots are also black with green ribbon lace that matches the shirt, and a plum colored scarf at my belt. My hat is adorned with ribbon and peacock feathers of green, blue, and purple. Around my neck, a plum colored pearl necklace and bright blue crystal points that I've gotten from the cave in which I hide me booty. I carry a small leather pouch over my shoulder in which I keep my green velvet coin bag, my pewter drinking chalice, and other valuables.

What is my reasoning for such elaborate garb and jewels. Well, my goal is the same as a peacock's of course. To attract a mate. I'm looking for someone to share in a lifetime adventure.

Ok. Story time aside for the moment, here's where I need a little help.
- I can't decide what kind of hat to wear. A tricorn or cavalier style? I have the base 
   for both
  I can't decide on a name. The only thing I know I want is for the words "Proud" or 
  "Pride" to be in it. Here's a few names that I've come up with, but any suggestions
   would be helpful:
   - Plumage's Pride
   - The Proud Plunderer (seems a bit condescending)
   - The Proud Jewel
   - The Proud Jewel of the Sea (too long?)
   - Ocean's Pride
   - Peacock's Proud Jewel

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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