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Long time rennies, first time campers! Advice and inside info?

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Huzzah!  My wife and I are from Minnesota and have worked and played at our beloved Minnesota Renaissance Festival for years.  After hearing over and over how great TRF is, we finally made the journey last year and LOVED IT!  Holy CRAP you guys have a great Fest!  It's the only one we've been to that actually tops ours.  So, naturally, we're coming back for more this year! :D

We want to take the training wheels off this time and that means CAMPING.  But, we have some questions.  So, would you please advise?

After scouring this forum and the official TRF site, we've think we've figured out the basics.  We know that we definitely want to be in the main campground.  We also know that there are many established clans that camp in certain spots year after year and that taking one of their spots is... ill advised.  We know about all the various hazards (fire ants, weather than can be hot or cold, keeping valuables locked in your car, etc).  Here is what we don't know:

1.  How do we know if we're taking an "established" clan's spot?  We don't want to step on any toes.

2.  Are the established clans friendly to outside visitors?  If we see a fun-looking group, can we just walk up, raise a mug and say hello?  Or, is that presumptuous?  (At MRF, we have camping and it's a ton of debaucherous fun, but it's only for people that work there, and some groups can be a bit cliquey.  Not sure if TRF situation is different since it's open to the public.)

3.  The campground is HUGE.  We know that the south end is where the action is, and that's where we'd like to be.  Are there any particular areas that you'd recommend?  We have a map that shows all the rows and everything, as well as some of the clan locations, so feel free to be specific.

4.  RV'S.  Does anyone have experience with renting RV's there?  Is it worth it?  Do a lot of people use them or is it mostly tenters?  Are RV's close to the action, or are they in their own area?  (We're cool with tenting or RV'ing, but thought RV'ing could be potentially fun.)

5.  Is it easy to make friends in the campground?  Fest is ALWAYS more fun with others!  We made a ton of friends at Scarborough Faire the one and only time we went about five years ago, but, last year, we found it a bit tougher at TRF for some reason.  We're thinking that it will be easier in the campground since it's full of people who obviously are pretty die-hard rennies like us.

6.  Lastly and most importantly:  we've got garb and want to party!  We've spent 100+ days at Fest and we know the ropes.  We love Safety Meetings (wink), cold beer and hot wenches.  We're looking forward to having the time of our lives at TRF this year, so any advice you can give will be most appreciated.  We'd be happy to return the favor should you ever make the journey north to MRF!

Thank you kindly!  :)

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
Fear not, myself and others will be along soon to advise you.

We're dealing with some high water issues, at present. ;)

Yeah, after I got no replies, I realized it was probably because of that fetcher Harvey.  My bad.

Bring your waders

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Hausfrau Monica:
Any future prognosis for TRF?  How are the grounds affected?  We're booked to come for AHE and hope it will still happen.


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