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Sir Martin:
Please post links to your TRF 2017 photos here.  If you would like to share a few special individual shots, post them here and let us know the who/what/where if it isn't obvious.  We would also love to see your photos of the TRF After Dark festivities.  Thanks to all who capture the memories of our grand faire! 

I think we still have a few photogs who visit every once in awhile.  Some folks will not get to attend TRF this year (or won't get to attend as often as usual) because of budget constraints as a result of hurricane damage.  We would love to see some pictures.

Capt Falstaff:
Nobody else yet? We've started our 2017 photo galleries. A few pictures now, but will grow during the season.

This is the one that gets all the visistors:

Our pictures: (Not as interesting, I know, but hey: new uniforms!)


Sir Martin:
Nicely Done, Capt. Falstaff.  Good to see you on the R/F board and look forward to links to the memories you capture in the future.  Also, thank you for the fine job you have done at TRF over the years.

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
I haven't seen anything from Valt, this year... ???

I saw his partner in crime out there, but not him. As I left the Book of Faces, not sure if something came up


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