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Hello everyone.  I looking for some help. I am doing a project for school and need some information. I am creating a milestone timeline for the TRF and although there is a lot on the internet there isn't much of when it inaugurated or when it began. I have done some research and know that it was opened in 1974 by George Coulam and his brother David Coulam.
There isn't much on it and that is where I need help. I have been attending to the TRF for 4 years now and I absolutely love it. This is what I need if anyone can help;

1. A picture of the brothers
2. A picture of the opening day
3. A festival map of the early years
4. A picture of the king and queen in the early years

I am able to get everything else online. This however is what Im having a hard time finding. Or if someone can direct me to where I can get this information. I really, really thank you for anything you can help me with.

You would probably be able to get most of that by calling the faire itself during the week to see what they can help you out with.

Thank you, I send them a message on face book and they got back to me on how I can get the information. Thank you

Sir Martin:
Midnight Owl - there is an error on the "History of the Texas Renaissance Festival" document on the TRF web site.  The TRF company itself was indeed founded in 1974, but the Texas Renaissance Festival did not open its gates to the public until the Fall of 1975.  TRF is now in its 43rd season.

This is a common mistake when people confuse "anniversary" and "annual."  I would be interested in knowing the exact date TRF opened for the first time.  If they supply you with that, please share it with us, and good luck on your project!

Sir Martin:
This might help clear up the confusion over when TRF first opened.  This is a photo of my tankard from the 20th Annual Texas Renaissance Festival.  The dates of the 1st (1975) and the 20th (1994) annual festivals are clearly marked.  Click on the picture to view full size. 


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