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Kids Free Sundays??

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I got a message on my TRF app this weekend saying that kids are free on Sundays.  Does anyone know if this is every Sunday?  I can't seem to find it anywhere, and in a couple of weeks, we're bringing kids for the first time. 

Yes,  every Sunday, 12 & under

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Thank you!  I had all my grownup tickets bought during the SOC.  So glad I didn't get the kids' early!

LOL not that it is going to save me ANY money... my dudes want to do EVERYTHING! 

I understand!  Mine is 14 and has gone to faire since he was 6 months.  Thankfully he has reached the age of not wanting to play every game and ride every ride.  My sister-in-law is coming for the first time with her 5 year old.  Don't think they realize what they are about to get themselves into! :o


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