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Breastfeeding at Faire


Our son and daughter in law will be bringing their 3 month old son to the Faire.  Any tips for her breastfeeding?  Are there any vendors or places that accommodate nursing moms?

generally the issue is going to be more with the beer-and-tatas guys that show up (i.e., the patrons TRF could sorely do without), so anyplace with a lack of those types should be safe. I've seen more than a few women breastfeeding at the Barbarian Inn (upstairs where it's quieter) and in some of the gardens when they're quiet, and I'm sure there are other areas that will work well. Like I said, rennies aren't likely to have any issues with it, so aim for the places with people in garb.

Capt Falstaff:
Check with the information booth. They have a room backstage they have been know to let nursing mothers use.

Thank you for the suggestions!  We look forward to our first grandchild's first visit to Renfest. :)   

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Unfortunately, due to health issues, I have visited the First Aid area in most of the bigger faires I've gone to.  They are usually behind the scenes, and very nicely appointed.  In the hot summer, they've got AC.  Some have inside areas with comfortable chairs, and others have outside garden seating for the person's partner to wait.  I'm sure any First Aid would be accommodating.  The people who go there usually go because they're overheated or something minor, so it's not like you will be exposing the baby to lots of germs.  If you can't find anywhere else, or if you feel comfortable breast feeding in the middle of the faire, that might be an option.


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