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Lady Renee Buchanan:
Would love to do a TX faire.  We went to Scarborough for the RenDezvous, a long time ago, and loved it! 

But we heard that Sherwood Forest is great, too, and don't know if we want to try there or go back to Scarby.  Our favorite thing to do at faire is to watch the musical acts.  The more, the better.  Then a little shopping,  but almost entirely for the music  at any faire we visit.

For those in the know, which would you suggest, based on our love of music?  Thanks!

Merlin the Elder:
I believe that Scarby might have an edge on number of musical acts, but their 2018 schedule isn't out yet. 

Sherwood Forest needs to be experienced at least once. It's a lovely faire, and somewhat different from other faires we've been to. Since their schedules now overlap, you COULD do both in a weekend.


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