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White supremacist activity at the Texas Renaissance Festival

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My name is Aaron Sankin. I'm a journalist with the Center for Investigative Reporting ( and I write a weekly newsletter about the white supremacist movement called the Hate Report.

I'm working on a story about how white supremacist groups are recruiting at renaissance faires across the country. I saw a recent Reddit post talking about some of this activity at the Texas Renaissance Festival--specifically the flying of white supremacist Iron Cross flags in the campground and reports of people saying that certain areas of the festival were for "only whites."

I was curious if anyone here witnessed this and would be willing to tell me about their experiences?

While this type of hate is obviously counter to the spirit of the festival, these groups both make a concerted effort to connect themselves with European culture and are opportunistic in where they conduct their recruitment and other activities.

I found a significant number of posts on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront where users talked about their enthusiasm for renaissance faires in general. As such, it's not especially surprising that they would use the opportunity to spread their message.

Feel free to comment directly on this post or send me a DM.


Sir Martin:
Hi Aaron, and welcome to our forum.  I have attended TRF for 36 years and have never witnessed anything of this nature.  Most of the rennie community are very open minded and inclusive, and respect the opinions of others.  I rarely even hear talk of politics or religion at faire.  Most people enjoy the escapism that TRF provides ... the ability to get away from modern-day hatred and conflicts, even if only for the day (or weekend).

Attendance at TRF over the course of nine weekends is over 600,000 patrons.  With crowds of that size, there will undoubtedly be a few folks who display unsavory behavior.  TRF management has patrons safety as their number one priority, and I'm sure they will investigate the incident you are reporting.  There are law enforcement officers and safety personnel on duty at all hours during faire season.  I hope you will attend and enjoy yourself.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing your experience. Really appreciate it.

We have been going to faire as a couple for 23 years and have never experienced any racial issues.  My husband is Native Hawaiian/Hispanic and while we have experienced issues in other places, especially in the early days of our marriage, the faire is one place where it has never been an issue.  There is certainly the possibility of people there with extreme racial views, especially in the current political climate, but we personally haven't seen it.  In fact, this year my husband's sister and her family camped with us and had a blast.  Her husband was a little nervous at first when we were discussing clans, but then realized it was clan with a "C", as in family, not a with a "k".   :o ;D

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:
Someone talking Neo Nazi Leftist garbage wouldn't last very long around my group.


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