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Camping Spot near gate

Started by Lady Renee Buchanan, February 09, 2018, 11:02:36 AM

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Lady Renee Buchanan

Hi!  We're thinking of taking the Renaissanc Rambler for a visit to Sherwood.  We will have our 3 dogs with us, so we will need to make trips back to the rv to let them out a couple of times each day.  Is there any section that would be the least walking distance so more of our time can be enjoying the faire instead of walking miles back to the campsite?  Can your reserve a spot ahead, or do you just pull in and plop down wherever you see an open place?  We would prefer not to be in a very "active" area, only because our dogs will bark and we don't want to disturb others.  Thanks  for your suggestions and advice.

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Short answer:  No.  The open camping is a long walk from the Faire gate.  It is doable for most people, but it is a long, long walk.   Is the Renaissance Rambler an RV or a camper with a separate car?  If it's a car, you could always drive around to the front parking lot back and forth during the day.  The parking lot is big and fills up at times, but it's probably not as long a walk as the winding roads in camping.  The only parking closer to the back gate is handicapped reserved and that gets filled up. 

That said, take a look at the campgrounds map.  The names of the reserved clan areas are shown on the map.  Perhaps there is a clan where you know people who might be able to fit you in. 

There is a map of the camping area on their main website - drop down: seek-ye-our-village
drop down: camping

About 3/4 down the page are links to "Download a printable map of the Patron's Campgrounds" and "Download the Campground Handbook" that will give you some idea of the area.  The campgrounds are at the back entrance to the Faire (only accessible through the campgrounds).  To get into campgrounds, each person in the vehicle has to have at least one ticket for the faire, plus $10 per adult camp fee (less for youths and kiddos. 

Open camping is not reserved, so it's first come/first served.  Also, availability of spots for those big campers is limited.  It is in a literal forest, on sandy soil, so the big rigs simply cannot maneuver in some places. 

Friends of Faire season ticket holders can put their tents/rv/camper up for the season in open camping areas.  While the Faire has been adding to the open camping area each year, there are probably not going to be many areas that are not active in the way you mean about dogs barking close enough to bother neighbors.  There are areas marked as Quiet, but I don't know how quiet or how enforced that is. 

Perhaps others more familiar with open camping will chime in here. 

Good luck with camping.  If you haven't been yet, you'll find Sherwood to be a bit of a different kind of faire due to its physical location in a forest with an atmosphere not quite like the big faires yet more than the small faires. 

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Let me add this to what Polly has already pointed out.  Parking an RV in the camp ground itself certainly won't be real close to the camp ground Faire gate.  Visitors with an RV will probably be camping in general camping and not in a clan campsite.  Some of the older clans have campsites close, while the newer clans have a bit of a walk to the gate.  And general camping will also be a walk.

I do know that originally there was a section in the parking lot by the Front gate that allowed RV's to park there.  I've seen some RV's parked there when I've day tripped.  If they are allowing folks to park an RV in that specific section of the front parking lot, that would actually be pretty close to the front gate. 

Maybe someone with inside connections can speak up and say for sure (or not) if parking an RV in that front parking lot is still an option.
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