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Anyone at GARF this year?

Started by midnightferret, May 12, 2016, 09:14:17 AM

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Ambard and I are looking at going either Memorial Day weekend or the weekend after.

Anyone want to meet up? Hollah!


Seriously? No one goes to GARF anymore?

We'll be out there this weekend. You might have met us at one of the first Renndezvous gatherings in TX. We don't bite. We've been absent from faire since we moved to GA, and would love to meet like-minded people.


Sounds like you need to find some new recruits for the forum! ????

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Got faerie dust?


Apparently. It looks like the GARF boards have died out since last year. :)


iT APPEArrS tHAT MOST OF THE BOards have died out since the advent of that worthless  piece of crap called facebook bad trade.
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I agree . I wish there was a way to bring the crowd back to here and dump facebook .
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