Author Topic: OT:Do you have furry critters at home? Share your pet stories, ladies and gents!  (Read 5975 times)

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Hear ye, hear ye! Here's a light-hearted thread to discuss the little companions in our lives, our pets. I have a Pomeranian named Louie. He's such a playful tyke, too playful that we'd have to put him in his dog pen whenever we leave the house, as he would chew up everything in sight. But he's a good dog, overall. He loves to cuddle before bedtime and greets us with his cheerful bark in the morning. He also howls along whenever I turn on the radio for a few good tunes. Who are your household companions, fellas?  :)

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We have a rescue pit, and her name is Cookie. She had been a bait dog in a dog-fighting group. Friends of my daughter had gotten her from a rescue group. She's a precious sweetie ;)


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