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2019 Sherwood Forest Faire photos


It looks like most faire photo threads have gone to the individual faire's discussion group. (Probably because of needing to double post, once in the group and once here.)
But I figured I'd post here as well just for grins in case others aren't hitting the individual faire sub-groups.

From Dress Rehearsals prior to opening weekend.  Thanks to Zane (entertainment director) for the permission.

Opening Saturday - which was grey, cold and damp.  I was only there for a short period of time that day. (Yes I wimped out).

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Thank you Melkar…… as always your photos are excellent. Thanks for sharing here , not sure I would have found your great photos any other way.

Sherwood Forest Faire 2019 - week 2 Sat gallery:

NOTE: I've been pretty busy, so maybe this weekend(?) I'll be back out there? but I don't have any galleries for weeks 3, 4, and 5.

I was able to go to closing weekend of Sherwood.

Weekend 8 gallery is at:

Thanks for the props!  :)

Lord Argyl of Lochdubh:
Thanks for sharing your photos with us Melkar


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