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Oklahoma's ONLY Medfaire That WILL BE Open In 2020

Started by Craigmeister, September 06, 2020, 01:52:14 PM

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Here's a letter I was asked to post about the only Medieval Faire that WILL HAPPEN in Oklahoma in 2020.  It's filled with the heart and soul that many of us feel about this frustrating year.  Won't you patrons, performers and vendors join us in Glenpool, Oklahoma the first weekend of November, even if for just this one time? It could be epic!

Hi - my name is Tina Nettles, and I have a friend who runs a Medieval Faire in Glenpool (formerly Kiefer) every year.  I'm not in any way a legal representative of the King's Medieval Faire nor am I employed by them.  I'm just a friend of the owner / manager of it.  But I wanted to reach out to you and all the other canceled faires and events from 2020 to suggest an idea.

I don't want to step on toes.  I don't want to try to steal YOUR acts, vendors, or employees away from YOUR FAIRES and FESTIVALS I'm not in any way an official contact.  Please understand this.

During the summer, the Tulsa City County Library couldn't hold its usual in-person summer reading program events for kids.  So I volunteered late this spring to produce 26 short videos and interviews with ren-faire / med-faire musicians, artisans, and other entertainers for the library to release each week on their website, so kids would still have fun and entertaining things to look forward to all summer, attending a "virtual" faire.

Do you know what I found out during that time? These faire entertainers and craftsmen are HURTING this year.  I'm guessing that you are too.  Sales are WAY down while there are no live, in-person events, and without the energy that comes from meeting patrons face to face at faires.

Ancient arts aren't being practiced, as the practicers of these arts are working mundane jobs instead.  Everyone's a little sad, not to get to see old friends every month or two on the faire circuit.  Everyone's a little worried about what the future looks like for festivals of all sorts.
So I have a little bit of good news.  As of right now, my friend says that Glenpool has not canceled the King's Medieval Faire, the first weekend in November.  To my knowledge it's the only medieval / renaissance faire to go on as planned in Northeast Oklahoma, in the entirety of 2020.  She's still accepting applications from vendors, people eager to get out of their houses, garb-up, and have a faire.

I know there's nothing in the budget right now to pay for a bunch of extra acts, but I suspect that if you are a comedy act, a musical act, a jousting act, swordsmen, pirates, bellydancers, vikings, fairies, mermaids, falconers, harpists, dancers... or any kind of Renaissance performer whatsoever, and you wanted to get on the schedule for November, to just dust of your garb, to bring an instrument, sell some beautiful things you make, you'd be welcome.

This could be historic.  The ONLY medieval / renaissance faire in all of 2020 in this area.  The ONLY one.  Even if you wanted to just come as a patron, you are welcome.  Please, let's get together and just enjoy doing what we do.

If you are interested in renting a booth, or getting an unpaid slot on the entertainment calendar, please visit King's Medieval Faire on facebook, and message her.

Guys, this is as much to cheer her up as you.  This has been a rough year all the way around for every one of us.  And our patrons.  And YOUR patrons.  We all deserve something good, safely distanced, but really really good, to show for 2020.

Remember, after the plague comes the Renaissance!

Also of note, Glenpool is allowing her to have a Christmas Market for makers, every weekend from mid-November in the same location (Black Gold Park right on highway 75 in Glenpool) until close to Christmas.  If you sell something wonderful and would like to be a part, even if it's just for this year, get your name on the calendar for this opportunity.  2020 doesn't have to be a total loss for any of us.  We'll get through this together.  It's been said a million times, but it's true.  Let's not let all of 2020 be stolen from us.  It's time for a little joy and revelry, don't you think?

-Tina Nettles
Providing faire information for over 10 years (updated monthly).  Visit to find all the Renaissance & Celtic-type Festivals in North America.  There's much more to see and do in 'The Realm' as well.


The King's Medfaire is STILL ON for this weekend just south of Tulsa.  We'll be open Friday - Sunday.  It should be sunny with highs in the 70's each day.  Come take part in the revelry.  Huzzah!
Providing faire information for over 10 years (updated monthly).  Visit to find all the Renaissance & Celtic-type Festivals in North America.  There's much more to see and do in 'The Realm' as well.