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Dangerous Enclosure/Monster/Ambition

Started by Drusilia, August 11, 2008, 10:55:19 PM

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"Dangerous Enclosure"

Fragmented ashes,
Frozen within a soul,
Dead cells non responsive,
Coldness on patrol.
Lingering revenants,
Poised upon the rail,
Caverns twisted passage,
Enclosed architects trail.

Vision fixated,
Bound by supposition,
Myriad colors blemish,
Fallacious erring deposition.
Blossoms atrophy,
Dusky soil begrimed,
Sepulchral infused dementia,
Beckons interminable crime.

Splintered cerebrum,
Decayed momentous lore,
Combating poisoned remembrances,
Shattering the unlocked core.
Modest visionary,
Striving on  unsteady ground,
Ignorance emotionally impairing,
Ruptured expressive sound.


She slither's through another drunken town,
High with it's delusional fantasies of peace.
Every mirror crumbles broken,
Every rebel's eyes gleam with death's disease.

She stills the beating of her ruby red desire,
Keeping her secret buried deep, hidden heavily within.
Differences still ancient evils,
Differences become smothering inner sin.

She listens for an answer as her tears cascade like rain,
Pool water tinted pink from whom will never be the same.
Blood drips from bloody, broken fingertips,
Eyes glazed over in silent pain.
Haunted by the monster who would never give a name.

She slither's through another drunken town,
In search of an easy slay.
On a moon-ridden bed of roses,
A monster awaits her newest prey.


Decorated memories.
They call me a liar.
Break me into tiny fragments.
Ashes easily blown away by bitter winds.
Messengers to the mourning.
Passengers to the weak and unfeeling.
Leeches feeding upon what remains.
Incoherent thoughts.
Unfulfilled dreams.
Beckon like a lighthouse's flashing peace.

I feel them pulling me apart.
Dragging my soul to the damned.
Forcing me to pick up the blade.
Innocence lost in a single action.
Killing all that held my future.
Bleeding away a life meant for more.

It slips from my grasp.
Reason, sanity, love.
Nothing holding me back
Blackening my mind with madness.
Words holding no meaning.
Faces flickering in rapid succession before me.
Those who never cared.
Some who always did.
Why couldn't they see the haunted look in my eyes.
When time could have been saved.

Before everything was taken.
Forcing my ambitions to be slain.
As I slowly wipe clean the blade.
Eyes hold only fear.
The chill of the grave awaiting.
As they stare up in disbelief.
I feel no guilt.
I'm beyond grieving.
Beyond normal reasoning.

An echo continuously repeats.
Is all that remains.
Filling the silence in my head.
It screams to be heard.

The reaper of deaths disease.
I am living in this world but living life as if it were a dream, yet what happens when in living a dream, it bleeds?