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Owner of Sterling in trouble again

Started by groomporter, March 12, 2022, 07:59:18 AM

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QuoteWaterbury was arrested Monday, charged with violating court orders, Oswego police said. He settled two sexual harassment lawsuits in 2019 by agreeing to pay $850,000 and stay away from tenants at his more than 100 rental properties. The U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit that accused him of coercing tenants to have sex with him.
On Monday, he was charged with two counts of second-degree criminal contempt after he was seen at two different properties in Oswego that he was ordered to avoid, a police news release said Wednesday.
When you die can you donate your body to pseudo-science?

Sir Martin

Wow ... you would think that after an 850 grand fine, he would have learned his lesson!


One would think...

Rumor on a crafters' forum is that he signed the Renfest over to his daughter in order to shield it from his legal issues.
When you die can you donate your body to pseudo-science?