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TRF 2022 Photos Info etc.

Started by Sir Martin, October 08, 2022, 07:53:35 PM

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Sir Martin

Put your TRF 2022 photographs, information, and experiences here.  Looking forward to seeing faire pictures and reading about your personal experiences.


So it appears to me that there are not any less amounts of people in attendance at faire or camping. Both were pretty busy this past weekend. Even with the threat of rain and cold, the campground was surprisingly full, not uncomfortably so like last year, but pretty full. We got lucky with great neighbors and no rain. Saturday night was relatively quiet but was also literally freezing by morning. We stayed close to our fire and didn't wander much. Faire itself was the same as any day last year. By 2-3pm, it was absolutely packed. The new pub is an eyesore in my opinion. I got a bottle of the new kings mead to enjoy while waiting for fireworks and it reminded me more of beer than mead. I wasn't very happy with it but at $33, I made sure I finished it! We still had a great time and made a couple of small purchases. I think the only food we ate were bread bowls which were perfect in the cool late morning. My sister came from out of state to camp with us and enjoyed the experience. It was her first time seeing the fire show and fireworks since we always leave early when we do day trips.
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